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Health Insurance Policy in India

Health insurance Policy in India is a form of insurance that absolutely or part covers a person's medical and surgical expenses. It's associate degree agreement between you and your insurance company, wherever for associate degree annual premium, the insurance company pays for your hospitalization and different medical expenses as mentioned in your policy.

Best Health Insurance in India will be generally classified into the subsequent types-

Hospitalization Plans- Hospitalization plans area unit those insurance plans that reimburse the hospitalization and medical prices of a private, subject to the add insured. Hence, these plans are referred to as indemnity plans.

Family Floater Plans- Family insurance arranges cowl the whole family in one insurance plan. It works under the belief that not all members of a family can suffer from health problem at one time. These plans cowl hospital-related expenses which might be pre and post hospitalization. Best Health Insurance in India giving family insurance and have a good network of hospitals that facilitate the insured folks in times of associate degree emergency.

Senior Voters Plans- Because the name suggests, adult insurance plans area unit for the older folks of the family. These plans cowl health problems arising throughout adulthood. As per IRDAI tips, Best Health insurance in India is offering cover up to age of 65 years.

Maternity Plans- Maternity insurance plans offer coverage for maternity and different extra expenses. These policies take care of each pre and post-natal care, and delivery of baby i.e. normal or caesarean deliveries. A bit like different insurance plans, Expert Insurance has a good vary of network hospitals and conjointly takes care of automobile expenses.

Critical Health Problem Plans- These plans are a unit benefit-based policies, Wherever a payment profit quantity is paid on identification of lined important health problem. These diseases are a unit sometimes specific, with high severity and low frequency in nature. Hence, the treatment price is high when put next to day to day medical / treatment would like a number of these diseases include heart failure, cancer, stroke etc.

Importance of Health Insurance Policy in India

Investing in a Health insurance Policy is very necessary for multiple reasons. They are Given Below:-

  • Medical Treatments area unit a financial burden on the family.

  • Uninsured folks could receive less treatment because of lack of funds.

  • They are liable to a lot of risks as they are doing not have access to regular medical checkups.

  • It protects one’s family through sudden, unforeseen health-related money things.


  • Waiver of Premium- This feature pays the premium of a policy if you become seriously sick or disabled.

  • Accelerated Benefit-This feature permits you to receive money advances against the benefit of your policy if you are diagnosed with a terminal ill health. Many folks with this profit use the money to assist obtain treatment and alternative expenses after they have solely a brief time to measure.

  • Guaranteed purchase Possibility- With this feature, you'll be able to purchase coverage at selected future dates or life events while not proving you are in healthiness.

  • Long-Term Care Riders- Some life merchandise embrace this selection, that permits you to use the profits of your policy to obtain long care in exchange for a reduced life benefit.

  • Spouse or Kid Term Riders-Life policies with this feature enable you to get term insurance for your relative or dependent kid, up to age twenty six. this selection are often a more cost-effective thanks to purchase coverage if you cannot afford separate policies.

  • Cash Price Plans- This kind of policy pays out upon your death and additionally accumulates price throughout your lifespan. You'll be able to use the money price as a tax-sheltered investment, as a fund from that you'll be able to borrow and use to pay the policy premiums later.

  • Mortgage Protection- This feature, usually found on term life policies, pays your mortgage if you die.

  • Cash Withdrawals and Loans- Several universal and whole life policies enable you to withdraw or borrow cash, victimization the money price of the policy as collateral. Interest rates tend to be comparatively low. You'll be able to additionally use the money price of your life policy to pay your premiums if you wish or need to prevent paying premiums for a amount of your time. You need to pay back the loan or your beneficiaries can receive a reduced benefit.

  • Survivor Support Services- Some life policies provide services that offer objective monetary and legal help to beneficiaries.

  • Employee Help Programs- This feature makes resources accessible to you for issues which will have an effect on your personal and business life. Resources are sometimes free and facilitate address problems like misuse, stress, marital status issues, legal considerations and major life events.